COVID19 update

Our business is still running as normal therefore please get in touch via our Contact page with any enquiries.
Should further restrictions be put in place that require factories to close, we are likely to experience delays of orders and products from our partners, therefore please keep this in mind. Our team have been briefed to adhere to all safe-guarding measures in place onsite.


Innovent (Scotland) Limited can provide design advice on all aspects in the field of acoustics. From Building Service Acoustics, Architectural Acoustics, Industrial Noise Control and Vibration Isolation products, we can design and select suitable products to suit your requirements for any noise control application. 

Using the Aristas Workflow Acoustic Calculation Suite designed specifically for acoustics in the Building Services Industry, we can quickly assess the acoustic requirements for your project in terms of duct bourne air noise, noise breakout and noise to atmosphere. The Aristas Workflow Acoustic Calculation Software package has been developed to bring together all attenuator construction and performance into one place.

Working in collaboration with our software development division, Aristas, we are able to offer clients a suite of software which is unique to our industry.

Our product range includes Attenuators, Acoustic Louvres, Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Screens, Vibration Isolation, Inertia Bases, Acoustic Materials, Acoustic Fan Units and Active Noise Control Systems and Sound Masking tequniques.

We can also provide architectural products such as Acoustic Timber Door sets for Studios and acoustic door seals, and also special products such as Acoustic Transfer Grilles and Acoustic Absorbers.

If you require any advice or design assistance, please contact the Glasgow office in the first instance, we would be delighted to help.

Some projects we have worked on are:

  • Liverpool Museum
  • Aberdeen Library
  • Ravenscraig Sports Centre
  • Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  • Kilmarnock Council Chambers
  • Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama
  • Motherwell Concert Hall
  • Perth Dental Hospital

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