Innovent (Scotland) Limited now supply a wide range of destratification equipment manufactured by Airius. Destratification is the equalisation of air temperature throughout the building. Warm air naturally rises above floor level where your customers and staff are located, whereas cold air drops and becomes trapped in cold spots which makes it difficult to circulate. Innovent destratification systems prevent this process by reducing stratifying layers of warm air and recirculating th e warm air to areas in the building where they are needed. This reduces the temperature gradient in the building and provides a more even temperature throughtout. Energy savings through destrratification usage are considerable. 

Destratification works by the fan located at high level,drawing in the warm air from the ceiling area and transporting it to the floor in a slow moving column of air to keep the warm air circulating.

PRODUCT RANGE - Free Hanging Model
The free hanging Airius destratifiaction ceiling fan is an extremely efficient wind turbine that is suspended from the ceiling using a suspension bracket which allows the fan to blow at any angle without the need of ducting. Each free hanging Airius destratification ceiling fan is capable of equalising between 65 and 220 square meters of floor area and is applicable to ceiling heights from 2.5 to 31 metres.

The Airius suspended ceiling fans accommodate ceiling heights from 2.5 to 8 meters and are adaptable to changing floor plans. This model is suitable for an office or retail environment and is designed to stop warm air from escaping into the ceiling void. The Airius suspended destratification ceiling fan is ultra quiet so as to avoid any additional noise pollution in the work/retail space.


Projects: Auchinleck Community Centre