Fire and Smoke Ventilation

Innovent via our partners at Halton Buildings, offer a range of products and systems to protect buildings from the dangers of fire and smoke. These products include fire, smoke and high-temperature dampers, fire valves, pressure relief dampers, control panel systems and adjustable and adaptable installation methods.

Due to smoke control regulations within buildings, Fire & Smoke dampers are required to perform different functions therefore certain dampers have been designed to suit a specific function. These dampers have been designed to work within optimum ventilating systems and air conditioning units only.

Designed and manufactured to Classification Standard EN 13501-3, Product Standard EN 15650 and Fire Test Standard EN 1366-2 Halton can provide a product for almost every application of fire protection, including fully automated and integrated control systems and control panels.

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Smoke And Fire Ventilation Smoke And Fire Ventilation