COVID19 update

Our business is still running as normal therefore please get in touch via our Contact page with any enquiries.
Should further restrictions be put in place that require factories to close, we are likely to experience delays of orders and products from our partners, therefore please keep this in mind. Our team have been briefed to adhere to all safe-guarding measures in place onsite.

Textile Ducting

Innovent (Scotland) Limited have worked with K E Fibertec for many years on many different types of Textile Ducting projects in the UK. Textile ducting offers an entirely unique approach to providing ventilation to many different types of applications from Swimming Pools, Auditoriums, Offices, Warehouses, Cold Stores, Factories, Gymnasiums…the list is endless.

If you are looking at an applications where you require excellent comfort conditions, with an aesthetic appeal and an ease of installation like no other product, then give us a call and we will assist with the design and selection to ensure your performance requirements are met.

Our partners, KE Fibertec UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent Danish company, KE Fibertec ASbased in Vejen, DENMARK

KE Fibertec UK Ltd offers a full range of design and fulfillment of all KE Fibertec products, as well as the complimentary range of products available from Euroair AS. The team of professionally qualified engineers based from the Southampton office are available to discuss all aspects of customers projects, and will offer best advice to fellow professionals so that the correct ventilation system can be selected from our range of products.

From this office we can provide the following services

  • Qualified engineers with a wealth of knowledge of textile based ventilation design
  • Project assessment and general advice on best product suitability
  • Reliable design using our WinVent 3D program
  • Installation advice and technical support
  • Maintenance schedules arranged
  • Washing and repair service from this office
  • Site visits available throughout the UK
  • Reliable design using our WinVent 3D program


Some projects Innovent have been involved in:

  • Grove Academy (Textile Ducting)
  • Dumfries and Galloway Pool (Textile Ducting)
  • News International, Warrington (Textile Ducting)
  • The Carrick at Cameron House (Textile Ducting)

You can download our textile ducting catalogue by clicking on the attached link: